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Does Your Furniture Have a Focal Point?

focal point

The right focal point can improve classroom or office productivity.

When it comes to effective room design for your office or classroom, determining the right focal point is essential. In interior design, the focal point of a room is a feature or object of which all the other furniture is arranged around. A room that is designed around a focal point is typically more comfortable, inviting, and sends a clear message about the function and purpose of the room. This is especially important for classrooms and offices because the focal point serves as a guide for productivity and learning.

Point of Interest

The focal point is typically a point of interest in a room. It’s the place where your eye is immediately drawn to. The scale, balance, position, texture, pattern and proportion of the rest of the furniture contributes to the flow of the room as it meets the focal point. It’s not just about what you put in a room, but where you put it. Classrooms are often set up around a head or teacher’s desk, but there are many ways to achieve a similar effect. In some lecture settings, for example, you might want students arranged around a center to encourage discussion.

Color and Attention

Another way to create a focal point is through color. A wall or object that has a contrasting color with the rest of the room will stand out and draw attention. Artwork or prints are also effective devices for anchoring the eye. A conference room with one wall painted a certain color will focus attention on that half of the room. A bookcase is a great focal point for a room with a studious atmosphere. Try focusing on a room’s best qualities in order to find a focal point that works.

Visual Quality

A common mistake people make when designing a focal point for a room is believing that the focal point must be the largest object or feature of the room. While yes, a huge desk or conference room table can provide a good focal point, it can also be something as simple as a globe or whiteboard. The quality of the room’s visual display is what defines a focal point, not simply the grandeur of a particular piece of furniture. In the same vein, a focal point doesn’t have to be something expensive or outlandish. Sometimes the rooms that say the most focus on the simpler, littler things.

Create the Perfect Office or Classroom with Help from Glover Furniture

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