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The Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Sitting down for too long can cause bad posture as well as strain on the back. Standing desks help to relieve back pain and improve posture!

When you are sitting at your office desk all day, you may notice that your body starts to ache or that you begin to get restless. This is because our bodies are not designed to sit down all day long. In fact, it is actually unhealthy to sit down for extended periods of time, increasing the risk for things like diabetes and heart disease. Now, there is a standing desk option to help employees better their health while at work. Here are just some of the health benefits of standing desks. 

Obesity & Weight Gain

Gaining weight is simply a result of consuming more calories than you burn off. Though a healthy diet and of course exercise is the best way to burn calories, standing up rather than sitting can actually be really helpful. When you compare sitting at a desk all day to an equal amount of time standing, it has been shown that a person can burn over 170 additional calories!

Blood Sugar

The higher your blood sugar is after a meal, the worse it is for you and your health, especially for those with diabetes. Standing desks can actually help to reduce blood sugar levels, while sitting down can increase them, so it’s beneficial to utilize standing desks after your lunch break. It is also helpful to switch off between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Back Pain & Posture

It isn’t always comfortable to sit with the proper posture. Because of this, prolonged periods of sitting can contribute to long-term back pain. Standing desks help to reduce back pain because when standing, your posture is naturally better. This can also help to permanently improve your posture so that when you are sitting, it isn’t putting as much of a strain on your back.

Mood & Energy

Do you find yourself getting tired after a few hours of sitting at your office desk? Standing desks can actually help to increase energy levels. A study was done that showed that participants who used standing desks had lower stress levels and weren’t as tired as those who sat down all day.


Because of the fact that standing desks can improve a person’s mood and energy levels, it is no surprise that the productivity in the workplace will increase as well. When employees are energized and in good spirits, they are more inclined to get their work done faster and more efficiently.

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