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How can you use ergonomic furniture to improve your work productivity?

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomics is vast field that combines psychology, engineering, bio-mechanics, and industrial design to produce equipment that will effectively cater to the human form in a variety of living and work environments. One of the most common environments for ergonomic usage is the workplace.Increasingly the office work environment is being broken down to you, in a chair, at your desk, or the front of a computer. Believe it or not, all office furniture is designed to maximize productivity and efficiency through comfort, spatial capitalization, and optical awareness. It is all headed towards the latest and most advanced ergonomic furniture.

The Ergonomic Chair

There was an episode of The Office where Pam (the receptionist) wanted Michael (the boss) to make a decision on his new chair. Pam wanted her boss to make a decision on a office chair because she knew she would get his old executive chair, a much better chair than her current office chair. It seems petty but if you were sitting 90 percent of the day at your office desk,   wouldn’t you want the most comfortable chair possible?

Advanced Ergonomic chairs are not only comfortable, but they increase work productivity. Posture fitting chairs support the base of the spine, allowing for healthy blood and oxygen flow to keep you less weary. They also keep your spine aligned properly which prevents neck and back pains.  Ergonomic chairs are also built for furniture recognition, being able to bend and dip the same way the human body does, so your body is not forced back upward or to either side.

The Ergonomic Monitor

Now that you are comfortable, unrestrained, and fresh; we can set up equipment around you. Ergonomic furniture includes an adjustable monitor that can move higher or lower to meet your eye gaze. The ideal position is different for every user but the ergonomic monitor offer plenty of flexibility, adaptability. It is most natural for someone to keep a slightly lower gaze at their monitor, but bifocal wearers typically prefer the screen to 15 to 20 degrees lower than non-bifocal wearers. An adjustable monitor can ensure the neck isn’t forced into any uncomfortable positions.

The preferred distance between you and your monitor may change also. Think of where you like to hold your book when reading. It depends on your age, whether you wear bifocals or contacts, or your position. Either way when seated you adjust the position of the book, not yourself. Vision fatigue can also occur in the middle of the week, or even in the middle of the day. Often it is effective to just adjust the distance for the sake of change, but if you have a normal non adjustable monitor, you’re stuck in your uncomfortable-zone.

The Ergonomic Desk

Now that your chair is adjusted to any way you want to sit, and your monitor is adjusted to how you’re sitting, lets adjust the desk to complete the harmony. The Envelop Desk was designed to allow the surface of the desk to slide forwards and backwards, lift and drop, while still maintaining a firm stability. If you’re leaning back, you can bring the table to you. If you’re leaning to the left part of your work area, you bring the table to you. If you want to stand up for a bit to spike your energy level, you can easily adjust the height of the table legs!

Ergonomic furniture is all about having the freedom to adjust your work space however and whenever you want, increasing your comfort, energy, and attention levels to maximize productivity. Have a look at our ergonomic furniture designs and custom office furniture items.

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