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What are the best interior design tips for government facilities?

ergonomic furniture for government workers

Are you planning out an interior design project for a government facility? The holiday season is the perfect time to redesign workspaces into innovative workplaces as government employees go on holiday vacations and perform end of the year duties.

The federal government has over 2.7 million workers and owns/ leases nearly 495,000 facilities to house government employees. Many office space managed by the government have poor workspace designs for workers. As the need for more collaborative work grows, outdated workplaces will experience less work productivity and more customer complaints.

How can the government improve workspace designs? The Federal government should take an innovative approach to redesigning its facilities. With professional interior design consulting from American Design Associations, managers of government facilities can improve the quality of employee workspaces while cutting down facility operational costs.

Here are easy and a professional interior designer can improve effective ways government workspaces:

  • Purchase ergonomic desks that provide ample storage space
  • Purchase office furniture that can truly accommodate technology tools workers can use on the regular
  • Purchase ergonomic office chairs to give government workers plenty of adjustability and adaptability to their work environment.
  • Provide high quality lighting as well as user friendly lighting control
  • Make the workspaces as visually appealing as possible.

As a professional interior designer, American Design Associates will help you create the workspaces and lounging your workers will need at the office – that includes a comfortable lunch area and easy accessibility to the office equipment and work spaces they need to be productive workers. We will also keep in mind feng shui when developing your interior design project.

Learn about our office planning and furniture services and government office furniture.

to get started on your government facility redesign just in time for the holidays.

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