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How To Choose The Perfect Desk For Your Office


Learn how to choose the perfect desk for your office.

Whether you work in a company-owned office or in the privacy of your own home, you need furniture that is comfortable and allows you to be as productive.  An office desk is a necessity for anyone that works on a computer or deals with files on a daily basis.  You want to choose a desk that is incredibly strong, as well as, ergonomic.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips for choosing the perfect desk for your office space.


When it comes to choosing a desk for your office, you need to know why you need it in the first place.  What function or purpose will your office desk serve? If you are solely working on your computer at your desk, then you need a structure designed for desktop use.  You want a desk that has holes built in for wiring. If you will be completing computer and paperwork, as well as, taking meetings at your desk, then you need a structure that is large enough to fulfill all of those tasks.  An L-shaped desk is optimal for taking meetings and seeing clients at your desk.


You should take into consideration ergonomics when choosing your office desk.  You want an office desk that allows you to be comfortable throughout the entire work day.  When sitting at your desk, you want the structure to be at least 30 feet high and adjustable if you need more room.  When working on your desktop, you want to be in a comfortable position so that you aren’t straining your arm to reach the computer.  You should be sitting at arm’s length away from your computer monitor.

Storage and Surface

One of the most important elements of any office desk is the storage capacity and the surface of the structure.  You want to choose a desk that has enough storage compartments so that you can keep the surface clear and clutter free.  You want the surface of your desk to be large enough depending on the task you are completing. If you are working on your desktop and dealing with paper, you want a spacious surface so that you can organize everything.

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