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How to Improve Office Health

office-healthWhile some may think that sitting at a desk in an office is an easy and safe job, they are really mistaken. Sitting at a desk for at least eight hours a day for five days out of the week can cause serious health issues. The lack of movement can cause tension in muscles, aches in joints, and obesity. Constantly staring at a computer screen for hours on end can also cause headaches and eye strain. It may seem like improving your office health is near impossible, but there are steps to take to make improvements.

Here are some tips to help improve office health:

  • Avoid keeping unhealthy snacks near or on your office desk. Snacks that are easily accessible make it more likely for you to overeat throughout the day, which could cause weight gain. Designate certain times throughout the day as snack time and reach for healthier snack options. Consume your snacks while standing to help your office health even more.
  • Instead of reaching for your third cup of coffee of the day, reach for more water throughout the day. That common lull in the middle of the day may not be from a lack of caffeine, but because of dehydration. Water consumption can help keep you hydrated while also increasing your office health.
  • When it comes to using your office phone, avoid holding the receiver in between your neck and shoulder. This constant strain can cause serious strain to your muscles and neck. Set up your office furniture and phone system to prevent holding the receiver for long periods of time.
  • Look into ergonomic furniture to help improve office health. Ergonomic furniture can be adjusted to fit each individual to help their posture and overall office health.



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