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Create an Eco-Friendly Office


As more studies are showing that the Earth is getting warmer, many businesses and homes are trying their best to be more eco-friendly. Creating an eco-friendly office is becoming easier as more products are being sold and more services are available to allow an eco-friendly office to occur. While some may thing that creating an eco-friendly office is difficult, there are some simple steps to take to create an office space that is “green” and healthy for the Earth.

  • Have an open layout for your office space. An open layout will prevent vents from being obstructed by walls and other clutter that would cause your HVAC to work twice as hard to effectively heat or cool your office.
  • Implement a telecommuting schedule for some of your staff to help save on space and energy bills. Allowing some staff to work from home on certain days will allow more than one member to occupy a desk, saving space in your office with extra desks. It will also cut back on the amount of energy being used on a daily basis.
  • Try to turn off and unplug different appliances at the end of your work day to save on energy bills as well. The appliances to target when doing this is your computer monitor and hard drive along with your printer and copier. Unplugging kitchen appliances like your microwave and coffee machine can also help save on your energy usage.
  • When you purchase furniture and supplies, look for those that have been created using recycled materials. Purchasing items made from recycled material can help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Eliminate the use of paper when able. This means to begin implementing an electronic filing system to help reduce the amount of paper wasted in your office.



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