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Spring Cleaning for your Office


As the snow begins to melt and the temperatures slowly begin to rise, it is no secret that spring is right around the corner. With spring come flowers blooming, grass growing, and spring cleaning. While some may believe that spring cleaning is only for the home, it can also work for your office space. During the long months of winter, the last thing anyone wishes to do is clean. However, spring cleaning your office is a great way to boost morale and improve productivity.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Begin your spring cleaning adventure by dividing your office into sections. Attempting to attack the clutter all at once can make you feel overwhelmed and make the task seem impossible. Completing one section at a time will allow you to see the progress being made while also helping the cleaning process go by quickly.
  2. Create important and junk piles when going through your supplies and papers. Too much clutter can create distractions throughout the work day, so removing unnecessary clutter is essential.
  3. After you have determined what paperwork you must keep, take the time to create a filing system for your papers. Even though many offices are attempting to go paperless, we have yet to reach a point of no papers at all.
  4. Only keep supplies on your desk that are used on a regular basis. This will typically include your computer, phone, and regularly used resources. Any other supplies should be stored elsewhere until they need to be used.
  5. As you continue with your spring cleaning, physically clean your desk with a clean cloth. Dust tends to build in areas that you tend to not use for long periods of time, so take the time to create a clean and healthy work environment.


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