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The Conference Room: What to Consider


A conference room is the heart of your business. Without a conference room, your team is unable to meet with each other, or with clients. A conference room should be a dedicated space for collaboration and team building for your business. In order to create the ideal conference room for your business, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  1. Function- Determine how you plan to use your conference room.  If you plan on holding video and phone conferences within the room, design your space to incorporate the technology. If team members will use laptops and tablets during meetings, be sure to include adequate power outlets to accommodate the devices.
  2. Atmosphere- Consider the type of atmosphere you would to have for your conference room. If you wish to achieve a more causal and collaborative atmosphere, consider a circular table for your conference room. If you wish to have a more serious and authoritative atmosphere, consider a rectangular table. A circular table will allow everyone to speak on even terms while a rectangular table will allow one person to be in charge at the head of the table.
  3. Décor- Artwork is an excellent way to inspire collaboration and creativity. Your décor should match well with your office furniture within your conference room and should never be loud or obtrusive.
  4. Size- Before you purchase any office furniture for your conference room, evaluate the space you are working with. Think about the size staff you have and how to best fit everyone in the room at once. This means purchasing a table that will fit comfortably within the room while being able to fit chairs for everyone around the table. You should also be able to fit other pieces of furniture within your conference room, such as file cabinets or bookshelves.


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