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Office Furniture and Equipment Placement Tips

Office Furniture and Equipment Placement Tips

There should be careful thought and consideration when designing your office layout

There should be careful thought and consideration when designing your office layout. For one, you want the office to be comfortable for all your employees. You also want your office to be designed in ways that promote efficiency for everyone who works there. Here are some great tips for arranging your office furniture and equipment.

Placement of Computers

Most offices need computers to function. Without them, many employees would be completely lost. Ensure that all of the keyboards, monitors, mice, and other items of that nature are positioned in ways that don’t disrupt the flow of the room. In other words, don’t have all your technical gadgets littered aimlessly throughout the office.

Natural Lighting

It’s hard to work in an environment that is dark and depressing. If possible, take advantage of natural light wherever you can in your office building. If you have windows, open up the shades and let that natural light shine through. By doing so, you will save money on electricity because you won’t need to turn on all those light switches. On top of that, it should help increase employee morale because they won’t have to work in a dark cave.

Hide Wires

Cables and wiring not only look horrendous when it is all over your office floor, but it also can be a significant safety hazard. All it takes is someone not paying attention, and then suddenly they are in the hospital because they tripped over a wire. Find ways to hide cables wherever you can for safety reasons and to improve your office’s appearance.

Additional Seating

It is always a good idea to have extra seating in your office. More than likely, there will be times where you will benefit from having extra seats available. For example, you may have guests come out for an event your company is hosting. It looks bad on your business when you need to scramble shuffle around chairs for your guests. This can easily be avoided by investing in some additional seating for occasions like this.

A Better Work Space from American Design Associates

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