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Current Office Design Trends

Improve your productivity with these design trends

Improve your productivity with these design trends

When you are at work, you want to be as productive as possible while being comfortable in your surroundings.  The way you design your office and the furniture installed can greatly affect your job performance.  As millennials, those born between the 1980’s and the early 2000’s, enter the workplace, design trends are formulating to fit their needs and skill sets.   

Be One With Mother Nature

A current trend in modern office design is bringing elements of the outdoors inside your workplace.  The key is to strategically integrate these features throughout your office, like installing recycled wooden furniture or relaxing waterfall in the lobby.  Many workplaces open up their space to allow natural light in to increase productivity.  Natural design elements are shown to have other benefits besides productivity including stress relief and healing properties.  

Collaboration is Key

Companies are straying away from private offices and cubicles to provide a positive and open work environment.  Creating a more open space at work allows people to interact more and to share more ideas allowing for an increase in productivity.  Many offices are starting to include a community space where people can come together outside of meetings to work on projects.  So learn to step out of your shell and collaborate with your coworkers!

Rethink Technology

As we go into the future, technology becomes more and more vital for a business to thrive.  Technology should help a company, not cause unneeded stress.  It is important to research and think about what items will help a company thrive.  Once you install your computer or phone, try your best to hide the wires to keep a clean look.  Some offices are loaded with technology, and all of those wires can make your space look cluttered.  The best option to look for wireless technology to install in your workplace.

Lounge Areas

Having a place where employees can relax and have a break from work is key to cultivating productivity.  You want to provide a space where people can feel comfortable at work and that they can know their employer has their best interests in mind.  No one wants to work for a company that is not comfortable and does not support their employees.  

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture Group

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