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How an Office Grows to Support Company Growth

Company Growth

How can your office design support your company growth? Learn below!

Many small businesses grow over time into medium-sized and even large-sized companies. As your staff and budget grow, your office space needs to grow as well! Here are some of the ways that your office can grow to support company growth as a whole.

A New Office & Look

When most companies transition from being a start-up into a mid-sized business, they have to move to a new office space and further professionalize their look. Instead of more of the same mismatched or inexpensive furniture, this stage of company growth means entirely new furniture and a well thought out office design.

Adding Departments

As company growth continues to occur, you’ll need space for entirely new departments like administrative and human resources departments. You’ll also need to start adding on-site storage like filing cabinets, and potentially more servers and tech support equipment. These new offices will need new furniture, new storage and organization systems, and plenty of space to work.

A Great Reception

Do you have clients regularly coming to your offices now? A reception area is perfect for making a fantastic first impression and giving your clients a taste of what your offices have to offer. Designing your reception area is essentially designing the first impression that you want visitors to have of you.

Work Together

Some businesses miss the sense of collaboration that start-up style offices offered before company growth occurred. Thankfully, there are many different office designs and furniture options designed to encourage collaboration every day. Team working areas and communal tables can foster excitement and collaboration in your workers.

Finalize Your Branding

After you’ve completed all of the above stages of company growth, it’s time to explore a re-branding or further solidifying of the brand that you’ve developed. Get rid of any lingering mismatched furniture and ensure that everything in your office space reflects who you are.

Tools for Your Company Growth from American Design Associates

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