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Should You Choose Armed or Armless Office Chairs?

armed or armless office chairs

Avoid back pain and other ergonomics issues with armless office chairs!

No, armed office chairs do not come bearing weapons. And armless office chairs can’t flex and show off their guns either. In this blog, we answer the eternal question: should you choose armed or armless office chairs? Why should you consider choosing an armless office chair?

Armed or Armless Office Chairs? You Decide.

Armless office chairs may be unconventional, but here are some reasons why you should think about adding them to your office furniture collection today:

Convenient Design and Maximization of Surrounding Space: One of the best aspects about an armless office chair is its versatility. With a convenient design, you might find it easier to move around in your chair. The armrests won’t be as likely to get in your way anymore. Not only does it save space, but it will complement your other office furniture as well. Because honestly, not all office furniture, including armed or armless office chairs, is created equal.

You don’t want your chair to constantly knock against your desk or your keyboard. And feeling too cramped can seriously affect your sense of space. Constantly having to adjust to find the best ergonomic positioning can disrupt your workflow, leading to lower productivity and far less comfort. A stressful work environment will hurt your health, so help keep the stress effect at bay by choosing more comfortable and usable seating.

The importance of Ergonomics: Ergonomics is so important it has come up time and again. In the past, we’ve discussed the various ways that having ergonomics be a focal point can benefit your office and your employees. Poor posture is just one of the health effects that badly-designed furniture renders. Besides posture, other possible health effects include muscle pain, tightness in the back, soreness, a loss of flexibility, and headaches, one of the most frustrating and debilitating side effects of poor ergonomics.

To test the feeling of an armless office chair, first try removing the arms from your current armed office chair. Give it a trial period of a week or two to see how it affects you on a daily basis and how it can affect your usual routine. Track the differences, and take your own personal comfort into account.

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