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Office Furniture No-nos: Don’t Have These Around

Office furniture no-nos

Certain office furniture no-nos are better off in a college dormitory.

It’s okay, we understand. So in order to make a drab office more bearable, you’ve decided to decorate. While that it is a fantastic idea, here are some things to avoid while doing so. Eschew these no-nos as we’ll describe in this edition of the blog. Puzzled? Read on to learn more!

These Office Furniture No-Nos are Intolerable

While they are absolutely understandable, you’re probably better off not including these in the ambiance of your office:

Offensive Signs: Don’t have signs or posting that are insulting, rude, or otherwise offensive. For one thing, they aren’t conducive to team-building and, while they might be fun additions to a wall in a college dormitory, they don’t belong in a professional setting. Dispense with them.

Cooking Appliances: Cooking appliances should stay in your office kitchen, not on your own personal desk. You can eat at your desk if you wish, no arguments here. But toasters, microwaves, and other such appliances should either stay at home or be taken into the office’s kitchen.

Left-Behind Food: Of course, you can also store snacks at your desk or inside your own personal office. But do exercise common sense in this regard. Don’t let food sit too long and grow moldy and disgusting. Anything that you do keep, make sure they aren’t perishable or belong in a refrigerator.

Religious Items: Religious items or materials are also something to keep personal and out of the office. If you want to have something small and meaningful, like a plaque with a quote or some other icon of faith, that is fine. Don’t overdo it and turn your desk into a makeshift shrine or something similar. Being overtly religious could cause your employees or coworkers to complain about it.

Too Many Toys: Have one or two toys to liven up your desk or office isn’t a problem. But again, don’t overdo it. Your professionalism and/or sanity could be questioned. This rule of thumb extends to collectibles and sports memorabilia as well. Just don’t clutter up your workspace.

Too Many or Inappropriate Photos: Similar to above points, this should go without saying. Just don’t overdo it, as always. When it comes to office furniture no-nos, just stop and think about it first.

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