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5 Ideas to Bring Employee Wellness into Your Office Design

Employee Wellness

Promote employee wellness at your office with these helpful design tips.

Wellness is becoming an increasingly-popular value for businesses throughout the country, as companies realize the better their employees feel, the better that they will perform during the workday. If you want to encourage your employees to stay healthy on the job, use any of these five ideas to incorporate employee wellness into your office design.

Use Standing Desks

More and more research indicates that traditional seated desks are not optimal for employee wellness. Even more of a reason to change—over 67% of American office workers indicate that they dislike sitting at work and over 85% take regular breaks to get some relief. Standing desks keep your employees focused and healthy on the job.

Add Outdoor Space

Outdoor space encourages employees to value their own wellness and take some time to relax during the workday. Whether you’re in the suburbs or the city, incorporating outdoor space into your commercial property can help employees to enjoy the workday experience more.

Add Some Showers

If your workplace has a gym or you want to encourage employees to hit the gym before they head to the office or on their lunch break, adding showers to your office is very helpful. Showers show employees that you care about their wellness, their time, and their convenience.

Wellness Rooms

Most offices have men and women at a wide range of life stages working together for the company’s common goal. As a result, almost every workplace has at least one woman who is breastfeeding at any given time. Wellness rooms give women a comfortable and private place to take care of their workday needs without being self-conscious.

Keep It Green

Last but not least, employee wellness isn’t just about exercising or eating right. Wellness is also about preventing bad chemicals from entering your body or your workplace. Use green and eco-friendly cleaning materials to keep you and your employees healthy on the clock.

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