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Furnishing Examination Rooms

furnishing examination rooms

When furnishing examination rooms, there is a lot to consider.

When furnishing examination rooms, there is a lot to consider. The old school starkly sanitary and often uncomfortable healthcare rooms and furniture of the past are slowly going out of style, and keeping up with the modern world is important. Your furniture should suit the needs of your specific doctors and patients. Read on for more tips on efficiently outfitting examination rooms with a comfortable modern flare that will make everyone happy.  

Put Comfort First

Many offices choose exam tables that are either box tables or procedure tables. Box tables allow you to lower or raise the back for patient comfort and physician ease. It allows caregivers to adjust patients while ensuring that they remain comfortable. If you see a lot of elderly patients or children, choosing tables that are lower to the ground and make getting in and out of them easy is a thoughtful touch that will make your patients feel comfortable. For handicapped patients, there are specific ADA exam tables that come with an electric lift.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Darker Colors

While overwhelming amounts of colors that are too light or dark can be jarring, darker colors hide stains and spills and often stand up against wear better than lighter ones. Be sure to use welcoming and complimentary colors and patterns.

Consider Learning

It’s no secret that people have become increasingly invested in their health and leading health lifestyles. Set up a room that is welcoming and invites learning. Flat screen TV’s, comfortable chairs, and other elements can take a little bit of that classroom edge into your examination rooms. Offer at least two comfortable guest chairs so if a patient needs to be comforted during a trying visited, their guests have a place to sit. Flexible, portable carts for computers and other devices can be incredibly helpful as well. Make sure there is plenty of room for learning, medical care, and comfort, if necessary. It is important to enable care providers to do the best job they can with an efficient environment that inspires excellence.

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