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That’s How It Rolls: Cleaning Office Chair Caster Wheels

office chair caster wheels

Office chair caster wheels need to be regularly cleaned.

Is your office chair stuck again? What might be the cause? Well then, the next question is this: have you cleaned the caster wheels? Office chair caster wheels need to be regularly cleaned. In this edition of the blog, we’ll give you the rundown on cleaning office chair caster wheels.

Start Cleaning Office Chair Caster Wheels by Removing Them

Chairs in an office environment often feature removable wheels. Before cleaning, it is easiest to pop the wheels off of the base right away. What you can do is is unscrew the entire base from the chair. Then, use a screwdriver or another tool with the same purpose. The screwdriver can remove the wheels, and you can move onto the next step of cleaning them off.

Never Douse Office Chair Caster Wheels in Water Before Cleaning Them

Don’t throw the wheels into water and douse them just yet. What you will want to do is clean them yourself. Why, you might ask? Because soap and water alone are often not enough to get the job done. Use your fingers to scrape any dirt and debris off.

Then it is time to remove stickers, paper, or lodged paper clips. Get rid of the bigger pieces of debris first. Then you can proceed to removing the smaller pieces. A piece of tape can help you pry off little bits of debris. Use a butter knife and some rubbing alcohol to unstick any pieces of gum that are gumming up your wheels.

After Office Chair Caster Wheels Are Cleaned

Now that you’ve cleaned off the dirt, wash the wheels. Draw a nice hot and soapy bath for your wheels. Now you can dunk the wheels into the water, which we warned against earlier. Once the wheels have soaked for about five or ten minutes, take them back out. Using a scrub brush, brush the wheels out. Rinse, dry, and repeat with each wheel.

Reattach Office Chair Caster Wheels

Once the office chair caster wheels are dry, reattach them. After reattaching them, make sure they work again. If you find that they are still sticking, use a bit of lubricant to get them going smoothly. Be sure to clean the caster wheels every six months or so.

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