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Things to Look For In Your Next Office Chair

office chair

The right office chair can leave you feeling better after a long day at work.

If you find yourself aching and tired after a long day at the office, it may have more to do with your office chair than your sleep schedule. With people glued to their desks now more than ever, investing in a chair that’s ergonomic and comfortable can go a long way toward improving how you feel at the end of the day. If you’re shopping for new task chairs for your office, here are a few must-have features to look out out for.

Adjustable Height – The optimal height for a desk chair varies between desk to desk and person to person, so making sure your chair offers adjustable height is absolutely critical. You’ll want to find a chair with a seat range between 16 and 21 inches off the floor, that way you can keep your feet flat on the floor with thighs horizontal and arms at even height with the desk.

Reclining Seat Back – Sitting up perfectly straight is surprisingly not ideal. According to experts, sitting at a reclined 135° angle will put the least amount of strain on your back. A little room to slouch back in your chair is a good thing.

Armrests – In order to reduce strain, upper arms should kept close to vertical while your forearms rest on the horizontal plane. So don’t just buy a chair with armrests, use them!

Deep Seat Depth – A seat with the right depth for your body will help keep your knees in great shape. A proper seat depth should leave 2 to 4 inches between the seat and the back of your knees.

Proper Wheels – When it comes to wheels, not all rolling chairs are created equal. A soft rubber wheel will work much better on hard surfaces, whereas hard wheels are more tailored for workspaces with carpeting or rugs.

Adjustable Lumbar Support – A chair with good lumbar support will help prevent strain on your lower back and spine. With height and depth adjustable lumbar support you’ll slouch less and feel better.

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