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A User’s Guide to Office Chair Cleaning

A User’s Guide to Office Chair Cleaning

For the average user, office chair cleaning may be a task where they don’t know where to start – so, to ensure your office chair stays clean, follow these tips.

Think about the items in your office you use everyday. Does your office chair filter into that list? Your office chair is just as likely to get dirty as your keyboard does, but a lot of people don’t think about cleaning it. For the average user, office chair cleaning may be a task where they don’t know where to start – so, to ensure your office chair stays clean, follow these tips.

General Office Chair Cleaning Tips

General care includes regular maintenance to help keep items looking fresh and new. Check out the list below and see how much of this regular maintenance you do.

-Always remove stains quickly when there is one. When a stain sits for too long it becomes harder to clean it. If you spill and just wipe up the extra liquid but don’t remove the stain you may be setting yourself up for frustration later.

-Observe and follow the tag’s cleaning instructions that come with your chair. W is for water, S is for solvent, C is for Crypton which is typically used in healthcare and X means the chair should be professionally cleaned.

Cleaning Specific Types of Chairs

Fabric upholstery is usually cleaned with water-based cleaning agents. To start, vacuum the surface of the chair to get any crumbs and try to get into the cracks and crevices. If you are in the office with no vacuum, using compressed air does the job. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the chair with some mild soap and a water solution and then dry it off.

Genuine Leather upholstery can be cleaned with leather cleaner, vinegar, and linseed oil or rubbing alcohol and water. Maintaining a leather office chair is similar to fabric, so try and brush off any excess and do some research as to what solution is best for your chair.

Faux Leather and Vinyl

These chairs are some of the easiest chairs to clean especially when compared with leather. Most water-based solutions will clean faux leather and vinyl. Double check the tag to be sure there are no special instructions.

Plastic and Mesh

Plastic chairs are basic and can be cleaned with soap and water. For stains, you should dampen a soft cloth with distilled vinegar and wipe the stains. Baking soda on a wet sponge can also eat away at stains. For plastic chairs, avoid using chlorine and bleach. In the case of mesh chairs, regularly vacuuming maintenance should be sufficient.

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