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What Makes an Ergonomic Chair “The Best”

ergonomic chair

Which ergonomic chair is “the best”? Read this post, and then you decide.

The internet has a real passionate love affair with lists. We did it just last week with our post titled, “Three Ways to Avoid Growing Business Pains.” One list you see much more than others is the “Best” list. This is a list that’s supposed to show the top of the line instances of a certain product. “Best Ergonomic Office Chair” is a popular one. Instead of giving you a list of different chairs, we are going to look at what chairs in a few of these lists have in common, and then let you decide for yourself which is “the best.”


Finding the right angle is imperative to being comfortable. A seat tilted too low feels like you’re falling out, while a seat titled too high feels like you’re falling in. The problem is everyone is going to be comfortable at different angles, so a chair that gives you enough tilt to play with is a plus.

Adjustable and Adequate Support

Lumbar support is like seat tilt, different bodies are comfortable in different positions. A good ergonomic chair will be supportive but give you just enough play to be able to tailor the chair to your body.


While this may seem like a nice extra, most ergonomic chairs on these lists featured a headrest. A little extra neck support throughout the day is certainly welcome, and it will help improve your posture and fight off neck pain.


Mesh is in. The breathable and supportive material is a favorite for backings and even some seats. The material offers a cooler chair, which is a welcome change for anyone who’s used to spending long hours in a leather chair during the summer.

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