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When is it Time to Replace Your Office Chair?


old office chair

Does your office chair look like this? It’s time to replace your office chair.

It’s easy to get attached to an office chair that has provided you with comfortable service for several years. But when that comfort begins to fade, it’s time to invest in a new office chair. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if it is time to replace your office chair.

How Comfortable is Your Office Chair?

This is the most obvious question to ask yourself when wondering if it’s time to invest in some new office furniture. Your chair is where your body spends the most time at work, so it serves a very important function. The comfort of your chair may have decreased slowly over time. Take a moment to think about how comfortable your chair was when it was new compared to now. Do you get back or neck pain? Do you find yourself often fidgeting and repositioning yourself? Odds are, your chair is not as comfortable as it once was. Most chairs will last around ten years, depending on the quality. If your chair is older than that, then it is time to invest in a new one.

What is the Condition of the Chair?

If your chair lacks comfort, it’s probably because it is not in the same condition as it once was. Foam padding loses its springiness, creating a hard and uncomfortable seat. Poor quality chairs will wear out after only a few years, with knobs and screws falling off and gliding element becoming harder to operate. If your chair is in a state of disrepair, then it’s definitely time to replace your office chair.

What Should I Replace My Chair With?

If you are buying a new chair every few years, it’s time to stop the cycle. Cheap office chairs lose their comfort after only a few months and go into a state of disrepair after only a few years. This means that most of the time you are using the chair, it is uncomfortable and falling apart. Plus, you’re spending more money on buying cheap chairs frequently than if you’d buy an expensive chair less frequently. That’s why it’s smarter to spend the money now on a quality office chair that will last.

If that doesn’t convince you, then consider this: Let’s assume you earn $30 per hour. That is what your time is worth. Having a comfortable, supportive chair can easily increase your productivity by 10 minutes per day. This translates to $5 worth of extra work per day. In just six months, you would have gained an extra 60 minutes of productivity, worth $600! A quality office chair repays its worth immediately and lasts for many years.

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