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3 Benefits of Collaborative Classroom Furniture

Do you need to update your school's furniture? American Design Associates can help!

Do you need to update your school’s furniture? American Design Associates can help!

Classrooms are constantly evolving. Schools continue to incorporate more technology into lessons, while educators seek alternative forms of lesson planning tailored to the needs of their students. If the classroom is changing, the environment needs to develop with it. Learn more about collaborative classroom furniture, and discover why it’s so important in today’s schools.

Create More Flexibility

Traditional classroom furniture, think rectangular desk attached to a chair, was created to direct the student’s attention towards the instructor. Most traditional classroom furniture promotes a passive learning environment, while collaborative furniture options promote student participation. Arc-shaped desktops and trapezoidal furniture allow students the flexibility to work together on projects or separate for individualized study.

Preparation for College/Real Life

In high school, teachers place special emphasis on preparing their students for college or the workforce. Collaborative classroom environments allow students to engage in social activities common in college and beyond. Collaborating with partners on projects, discussing diverse perspectives, and promoting student-faculty interactions are benefits that can only occur in collaborative classrooms.

Promote Technology Integration

The contemporary classroom is reliant on technology-based platforms. Students complete lessons on tablets, perform tasks on SMART boards and utilize basic programs to learn and excel. Traditional furniture isn’t technology friendly, and many students can’t complete daily tasks without the necessary space or energy access. Consider upgrading to furniture that can integrate technology seamlessly into the classroom.

A Better Work Space from American Design Associates

American Design Associates offers school furniture for all grade levels, including collaborative furniture options and media center furniture. Are you looking to update your school’s furniture? American Design Associates, Inc. can help!

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