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4 Reasons Offices Need Sound Masking

Does your office need sound masking services? American Design Online can help!

Does your office need sound masking services? American Design Online can help!

Some commercial businesses are ditching the traditional layouts of individual office spaces and opting for open-office plans. While these modern-day designs offer a variety of benefits, they can present some issues for team members when it comes to noise level.  Employees that spend the majority of their day on the phone with clients may find it distracting when others are talking around them. The good news is that you can combat that noise with sound masking services from American Design Associates.

Customer Protection

If your employees are on the phone with customers all day, they may have access to secure information like credit card numbers and social security identification. While your employees might be trustworthy, others who come and go through your building might have other intentions. Protect your customers, and ensure that their voices don’t carry throughout the space by utilizing sound masking.

Company Protection

Modern-day offices often don’t have the convenience of closed doors, so how can private information stay private? The solution is sound masking services, which absorbs sound and blocks it from traveling to other areas of the space. Sound masking allows teammates to have confidential conversations without worry.

Reduce Distractions

When one person is talking, the sound doesn’t seem to impact a room. However, when every employee is talking at once, it can create a distracting work environment. Sound masking works by creating a sound similar to that of blowing air. Not only is this sound neutral and constant, but it’s used to cover sounds created by your team’s voices and other contributing factors.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees that are content and satisfied at their workplace are proven to be more efficient and effective. Increasing employee satisfaction also increases employee retention. Learn more about sound masking services from the professionals at American Design Associates!

A Better Work Space from American Design Associates

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