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What to Look for In Your Dormitory Furniture

Dormitory furniture should be sturdy and stylish so that they last for years to come and still appeal to college kids!

Furniture for a dorm must be sturdy and versatile because so many different people will use it during its lifespan. Choosing furniture that is affordable and good quality is always the goal.  No one wants to purchase furniture that will result in expensive repairs. Here is what you want to look for when investing in dormitory furniture.

Comfort & Style

Dormitory furniture is mostly used by young adults for studying and living away from the comforts of home.  For this reason, comfort and style is an important aspect of the furniture. It should be attractive to a young adult’s eye so that when they tour your school, they can see themselves living in your university or college dormitory.  The furniture should also allow the students to be able to express their personalities.


You want the dormitory furniture you invest in for your school to be made so it sustains many uses and lasts a long time. This means that quality materials and construction are key.  You want to look for heavy-gauge bed springs, double stitched-seams, solid wooden headboards, and heavy duty drawers and dressers. Furniture suppliers that truly understand the environment that dormitory furniture is used in will take the extra time and care to ensure that the furniture is the best quality.

Custom Design Options

As mentioned before, comfort and style is very important to young adults looking for a school. After all, they have to live in these dorms for at least a year. Invest in a company that offers furniture customization options so that you can pick out unique, versatile designs for your dormitory furniture that will keep up with design trends and stand out to young men and women everywhere.

A Better Space from American Design Associates

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