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3 Characteristics Your Modern School Furniture Must Have

Classrooms are becoming more open and interactive, so your modern school furniture needs to be flexible!

In this new age of technology, the dynamics of schools and classrooms are rapidly changing. Students are going from books to computers and tablets and teachers are welcoming a more laid back classroom environment. This all affects the type of furniture that we need to incorporate into our classrooms. Here are three characteristics your modern school furniture must have. 


Similar to recent office design trends, it is also trending to incorporate more open spaces into school classrooms. Because of this, modern school furniture needs to be flexible. Teachers are using way more interactive activities that require furniture to be moved around and out of the way. Modern school furniture needs to be lightweight and not take up too much space rather than having rows of heavy desks and chairs consume the entire room. Open classrooms make for a more inviting and collaborative learning environment.

Power Friendly

As mentioned before, we are in the age of technology. That means that children are using tablets and computers as learning tools now more than ever. For this reason, modern school furniture needs to be able to accommodate the needs for this technology. Before, the amount of power outlets in a classroom were limited and typically only used by the teacher. Now, the furniture itself can have outlets built into it.

Soft Spaces

Having hard, uncomfortable chairs and desks for students is becoming a thing of the past. In fact, it is being shown that incorporating more soft spaces into classrooms creates a better learning environment for student. Instead of traditional desks and chairs, modern school furniture is turning to couches and soft chairs that provides comfortable spaces for students to complete their work. This cafe type atmosphere is great for areas of the school where students will spend a lot of time such as the library.

A Better Space from American Design Associates

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