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How to Design a Reception Area

reception area

Learn how to design your office’s reception area,

We put a lot of pressure on first impressions: on a first date, on the first day of school, and when you walk into the reception area of a business. Wait, the reception area is your first impression? Yes. While we often research a business online before we go there, but we really set our judgement of a place when we enter the waiting area.  Here are tips for planning your reception area as you’re working on your office design.


Feature Your Logo and Brand Colors

Using your brand prominently in your office design can create a strong first impression. The logo should be high quality and easily visible from the entrance, but don’t go overboard with the logo because it could appear overbearing. You can also incorporate your brand colors into the décor. Plain white walls are professional but do nothing to speak to your business or differentiate your office from every other. Consider including your brand color in the décor as an accent wall or in your furniture to help your space stand out and make an impression. Including your brand and colors and even your product in the décor can help you really claim the reception space.

Plan for Functionality

As you are planning the design of your reception area, consider how you want it to function. The reception desk should be obvious or clearly labeled so people know where to go as they walk in. Choose seating and other furniture that will meet the needs of your visitors: is there a surface to write on if they will be filling out forms? Also consider access for disabled individuals who might visit your office.

Buy an Appropriate Reception Desk

There are many things to consider when choosing a reception desk. Of course you want it to look professional and attractive, but there are other considerations. If the desk is too high it can be intimidating. However, if people need to fill out forms on the surface while they are standing in front of it, you also don’t want it to be too low. As with your other furniture, consider how any disabled visitors may interact with the desk as well.

Keep the Area Clean

One of the easiest ways to make a good impression is with a clean, tidy reception area. Make sure that you are including enough trashcans so that people don’t leave debris in your reception area. Additionally, doormats can keep people from tracking dirt and mud into your offices. Finally, any special elements of your reception area, like a coffee station or storage area, should be organized so that people are encouraged to keep it tidy.

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