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4 Important Features for Your Office Design

Office design

The right office design will maximize your employees’ productivity, along with many other benefits.

The right office design will maximize your employees’ productivity, create a happy and healthy environment for everyone using your office, and match your company’s design aesthetic. When it is time to pick the right office design for your company, keep these four important features in mind.

Adaptable Furniture

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their desk, chair, and the office furniture around them. In order to meet the needs of as many employees as possible, you should choose adaptable furniture that can serve a variety of purposes. Adaptable furniture is designed so that it can be moved, changed, and altered to create new furniture configurations and purposes. Modular furniture is an especially popular type of adaptable furniture for offices. Adaptable furniture can be as simple as desks with adjustable height options to meet the needs of many employees.  

Think of the Environment

Many employees currently entering the workforce are focused on environmental sustainability. Making an effort to invest in sustainable office furniture, sustainable office products, and lower your office’s carbon footprint will not go unnoticed. This subtle feature will mean a lot to your employees and show that you aren’t just concerned about your own bottom line.  

Add in Technology

Your employees use technology in their personal and professional lives, so choose office features and design elements that incorporate technology. A whopping 80% of employees in a recent survey said that new technology is improving their workplace and the way that they get their work done. Provide technology that lets your employees work in the spots that are best for them, like tablets or portable laptops. Make sure that your office furniture, especially tables and chair arms, can hold small technology devices.

Think About It

Last but not least, make sure that your office design features are intentional. Don’t just select the chairs that are least expensive or the paint colors that you personally enjoy. Take the time to listen to your employees and understand what they need and want in your office.  

Office Design from American Design Associates

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