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Color Psychology and Your Office Design

When it comes to creating the ideal office design, color plays a key role. Color is a powerful element of design and can dictate the mood of a conference room, the atmosphere of a waiting area, and the feelings your employees experience on a daily basis. The secret to all of this lies in color psychology- read on to find out more about it and how you can incorporate it into your office design today!

How Does Color Psychology Affect Employees in Your Office?color psychology

Different colors are proven to evoke different emotions, and depending on how you involve color in your office design, this could have a huge impact on how your employees feel throughout the day. For instance…

Black is a color that evokes power and authority, though it can also be viewed as an overly “dominant” color. Too much black will make an office space seem dark and confining, but certain “accessories,” such as your office chairs, in black can be a good office design choice.

Blue is a color that has been linked to boosted productivity, making it a strong contender for a wall paint color when planning your office design. At the same time, blue is said to be a very calming color, one that can keep employees feeling comfortable and sooth any stress they may be feeling on the job.

Yellow, while not a color that is commonly seen in offices, can do just the trick if you are trying to energize workers and encourage them to feel happy throughout the day. Yellow is a sunny color with positive connotations that could be a good pick for your desks or shelving.

When planning your office design, carefully consider how color psychology will into your final product.

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