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Top Modern Office Trends of 2016

modern office trends

Bringing more natural materials and patterns into the workplace has been a big modern office trend this year.

We hate to say it, but 2016 is halfway over. The good news is there’s still time to jump on the modern office trends of this year. Office planners and designers are taking the “open office” concept one step further with mobility as a central theme. It’s all about cutting the cords, getting up and moving around, and getting inspired by the great outdoors while still in the office. Keep reading to see some of the biggest modern office trends of the year.


Cubicles are a thing of the past. Multipurpose workspaces help employers and employees make the most of their offices, and use the same spaces for a large variety of everyday tasks. With the advances in wireless and mobile technology, workers aren’t tied to their desks like they used to be. Allowing workers to move around an office increases interaction, which in turn can help foster collaboration. Modular furniture is going a long way to help workers achieve this, and can help an employer adjust their office as their business grows.

Cut the Wires

Hiding wires, either with organizers or furniture that houses wires, helps give your desk and the entire office a sleek and clean look. This works especially well with conference tables, where even the smallest amount of clutter can look unprofessional. Advances in wireless technology have gone a long way to help make this trend popular, but some vital office equipment hasn’t gotten the wireless treatment yet. For these poor, tethered tools, hiding the wires will make you feel like you’re working in the most cutting edge office around.

Add Natural Elements

Adding nature to your office doesn’t mean just throwing houseplants in every corner. Using natural materials like wood and stone, and fabrics with floral patterns will bring a feeling of the outdoors inside. Natural elements help make an office feel cozier and more comfortable, which help improve morale and productivity.

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