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Why Choose Wood Office Furniture?

wood office furniture arbor day

Celebrate Arbor Day with wood office furniture from American Design Associates.

Today, April 29, is Arbor Day. It’s normally celebrated by planting a tree, or at least hugging a tree, but we do things a little differently around here. Today, we want to celebrate trees in all their glory, including once they’ve been transformed into wood office furniture. Here are some of our thoughts on why you should choose wood office furniture from American Design Associates.

Health Benefits of Wood Office Furniture

We’re leading off with this because it’s kind of surprising and many people don’t know that choosing wood features in interior design (including furniture) has actually been shown to have legitimate health benefits. Multiple studies have shown that adding wooden interior design features has replicated the stress-relieving and anxiety-reducing effects of spending time in nature. Beyond that, wood proves to regulate indoor air quality and humidity. Overall, wood is good for making your workplace a happier and healthier one.

Practical Benefits of Wood Office Furniture

Beyond health benefits (which, by the way, are also practical — happier and more relaxed employees are more productive and more likely to stay with the company long-term), wood office furniture holds a few other benefits that you might be interested in if you’re running a business. Wood also appeals to all generations, making it a positive visual design choice for both aging baby boomers and new-to-the-workforce millennials. It’s also incredibly cost effective, as it lasts the longest, is cheapest upfront, and is most easily maintained and refurbished, among many other common office furniture materials.

Lastly, when you do decide to choose wooden office furniture, make sure you choose pieces that have been made from sustainably sourced wood and manufactured in ways that are most friendly to the environment. After all, that’s what Arbor Day is all about.

Celebrate Arbor Day with Environmentally Friendly Wood Office Furniture from American Design Associates

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